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Business concept

Our business concept can be summed up in a few words:

We offer our customers a unique and worthwhile investment concept that can be scaled up or down as required. Needless to say, a steady increase in the value of the investment is also of interest to our customers. Maximum value in minimum space offers a range of potential uses for each of our customers.
Our baskets consistently meet the same exacting criteria, namely:

    - Top quality
    - High level of transparency through certification
    - Unique investment security
    - Sustainable value-increase concept
    - Secure transport to transaction centre (bank/notary)
    - Long-term customer care

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. This applies from when contact is first made. Discretion and preferred transaction methods are further important markers of our integrity.

We work in the capital preservation segment to serve companies wishing to build up their capital base with value-enhancing reserves. A commercially sound investment in sustainable goods is the logical consequence in times of economic uncertainty brought about by the financial weakness of global players such as the USA, China and Russia.

History proves companies and even states to be right: statistically speaking, nearly all currency-secured institutions or currency systems have become insolvent sooner or later.
Given the uncertainties that surround it, even the European Union cannot be considered as "stable" at the moment.
This leaves only three options for additional long-term investment:

  1. Tangible assets: Property (values often fluctuate sharply depending on location and economic strength of the respective country)
  2. Sustainable assets: Precious metals (values fluctuate very sharply and depend on demand/supply from individual global players (USA, Russia, China). Large individual sums are brought into circulation here and targeted at specific financial interests (cf. Soros "pound crisis")
  3. Long-term investments in certified diamonds: The top segment offers steady price appreciation, no possibility of manipulation, worldwide redeemability as a result of value stability, no price fixing to the US dollar, euro or similar manipulative currencies.


This knowledge enables us to offer our customers targeted baskets with defined prices. As a result, it is easier to quantify and, above all, qualify all dealings.

Business partners are generally interested in the appreciation in value and internal stability rather than in the individual stone. Certification therefore allows them to allocate the baskets at any time and in any place.

It is left to many business partners to decide whether the baskets should be used as a reserve, financial base, investment or stability factor. A high level of clarity and transparency is essential with this investment. The funds hold their value and constitute an enrichment for our customers in virtually every respect.