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fotolia-57453137 Loss-free investment ! We guarantee your investment from the start using 100% of the capital base, with guaranteed repurchase for a full 10 years on your capital investment ! more Info ...

Security of your capital investment guaranteed for 10 years

In times where global relations are becoming increasingly uncertain, potentially resulting economically in large fluctuations either in "monetary backed assets" (generally gold) or in currencies themselves, our aim - via our product of "beta-neutralised diamond baskets" - is to contribute to counteracting the currency-related erosion of value. As everyone knows, every country can determine for itself the quantity of money (M3) it has available in its economy, along with which new borrowing it approves and which assets underpin that borrowing. The fact that these assets and their incorrect valuations can, in the extreme case, lead to an economic collapse is demonstrated by the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, with the bankruptcy of the global reinsurers Lehman Bros. and the impact of that on the world market.
Without going too deeply into the economic details of the individual uncertainties, our aim here is to offer our customers an element of security via our product
We live up to our challenge

We have made it our task to live up to the challenge of marketing high-quality products that hold their worth in the market for the long term.

This has resulted in a product that is a winning combination of uniqueness, high value, sustainability and functionality.

No other product offers the options that our baskets currently do.

Alongside the challenge of being able to present the customer with a unique product, we are sufficiently convinced that the commercial stability of this investment is so unique that, where the customer wishes, we are issuing a right of repurchase.

Additional security via guaranteed repurchase of the basket of diamonds

Let's assume you intend to safeguard some part of your assets from economically-conditioned fluctuations and to invest this part in baskets of diamonds - in which case, you are committing this capital.

This capital can now be utilised with ease in other business locations. Wherever you need it.

The committed capital is decoupled from the global market and is then only subject to the valuation of the physical asset, which can be tracked at any time using the Rapaport Price List. The value of diamonds is climbing steadily, in most cases generating a modest increase of 1%-3% p.a. - see graphic:

Garantierter Rückkaufswert

Should a currency now fall unexpectedly in value, or even exhibit inflationary tendencies, then the value of the basket of diamonds is still preserved for you. And that's a guarantee from us

A 10-year guarantee

Based on our experience in the world of diamonds, we are able to issue you with a certificated right of repurchase of your basket of diamonds with no loss of capital after just 3 years.

This opens up a wide range of investment opportunities. As a rule, our customers "park" their money directly in Switzerland with the aid of the baskets of diamonds, thereby obtaining an assured intrinsic value that they can also redeem again anywhere in the world.

We guarantee 100% of the net price of the purchase sum! In the event of repurchase, you incur no hidden costs. The key factor is that the basket of diamonds does not change in nature and that no individual stones have been swapped.

The guarantee in detail

The time components of the guarantee break down as follows:

    →     First year following acquisition: 40% of the net purchase sum
    →     Second year following acquisition: 60% of the net purchase sum
    →     Third year following acquisition: 80% of the net purchase sum

    →     From the fourth to the tenth year we guarantee repurchase at 100% of the
    →     net purchase sum.

Due to the guarantee given, this product can also be recognised as a long-term refinancing product and used accordingly for other undertakings. No matter what currency fluctuations might arise on the global market, this product would therefore be price stable for a period of 10 years.

Naturally, you are not bound by this guarantee. We assign this guarantee to you as a right when you acquire our product. It does not constitute an obligation on you in any way.

Our customer can use the product itself to pursue quite different objectives. There are no limits set for the purchaser regarding the use of the product.

We hope that this product has attracted your interest, and we would be delighted to include you as one of our many satisfied customers in the near future.