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The way forward

Capital investment requires transparent pricing in order to generate profit. Diamond prices are complex and this will not change. As previously mentioned, every diamond - unlike other commodities - is unique. This uniqueness makes individual diamonds susceptible to volatility. Investment in goods characterised by an undesirably high level of volatility is avoided rather than sought after in business practice. Nevertheless, the fact that diamond prices have only ever moved in one direction in the past, i.e. upwards, in spite of their volatility is a sound and undeniable argument for their stability. We have embraced the stability factors in order to minimise levels of volatility around this commercial product. It is always a great challenge to value individual diamonds before presenting them to potential purchasers. This valuation is the basis on which individual levels of volatility are calculated; the resulting fluctuations come from supply and demand.

We can largely close this gap, however, so that similarities and dissimilarities in diamond prices - properly applied - keep volatility to a minimum. We now have various systems in place which are taken into account in the different diamond pricing systems in terms of both quality and quantity. This knowledge feeds into our basket strategy, thus securing long-term investment.

The idea of a basket is nothing new: many brokers use this idea to clean up the beta ratios in investment portfolios. Beta stands for volatility in investment language and is generally responsible for losses as it is virtually impossible to eliminate. This understanding has led investment brokers in general to diversify their funds internally (risk-dependent) to ensure that individual investment products do not take the whole fund down with them if they run into temporary difficulties in the market. These strategies can also be applied to diamonds, although it takes skill to balance the margin of return and achieve consistent yields.

Diamonds have a long history as a hedge against inflation and a physical store of value. They are significantly easier to transport, store and handle than similarly valuable commodities such as gold, platinum or rare earth elements.

We would like to persuade you of the potential for wealth preservation of polished natural diamonds to help you understand what buying a diamond entails:

Firstly, the investment is a hedge in an increasingly unstable world in terms of the geopolitical outlook of countries such as the USA, China, Russia and the emerging markets.

Secondly, it is an investment in valuable commodities whose volatility is minimised by our baskets, thus making it a suitable addition to your existing investment products in property, funds or other moveable assets.

The value appreciation of the respective investment depends only on the size of the basket and the diversification of your investment strategy.

We would be delighted to meet with you in person to discuss the respective investment options.


The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity. None of the information made available here constitutes an offer or invitation or solicitation to buy or to sell diamonds. No one should act upon any of the information on this website without consulting a professional qualified adviser.